Our Hearing Aids

There is no one-size-fits-all hearing aid. Everyone has their own needs and preferences. Some of our patients prefer invisible hearing aids. Others have a profound hearing loss and require powerful BTE devices. That's why we offer a full lineup of hearing aids from each of the major manufacturers. Below, you'll find some useful information. Since there are so many devices (and types) out there, the best information will come from your audiologist.


Since its inception in 1943, GN ReSound has made great strides in hearing aid innovation. Their most recent release of technology included their ReSound Nexia hearing aids, which have next-generation Bluetooth streaming, groundbreaking background noise reduction, and new CROS support for people with single-sided deafness.


Originally named Siemens, Signia is innovating new technology that provides faster processing, small devices, and noise reduction. Signia has focused on ensuring the patient’s own voice is processed naturally and has recently developed new technology for hearing multiple speakers in noisy environments. Their newest rechargeable RIC device has a wide selection of portable charging options.


Headquartered in Naperville, IL, Phonak is one of the leading six manufacturers in the country for hearing aids. Their devices are the only ones in the field that connect to android and iPhone using a traditional Bluetooth connection (rather than through accessibility settings). They recently released the first completely waterproof behind-the-ear hearing aid, and they are the most common choice for pediatrics.


Oticon is creating devices that are taking a deeper look at how our brains process and interpret information from sound. They have integrated a new processing technology called the Deep Neural Network into the chip inside their hearing aids so that the hearing aid has a better ability to understand the distinct details of the sounds around in order to better process them for your speech understanding.


Since their beginning in 1956, Widex has been aiming to create a device that provides great sound processing and natural sound. In their latest devices, the Moment hearing aid, they have implemented a new program called “Pure Sound”. This was developed to shorten the processing time for the sound from when it enters the hearing aid to when it is projected into your ear. Pure Sound can help eliminate the “microphone effect” that can happen with traditional hearing aids.


As one of the most innovative manufacturers of the last few years, Starkey has created the first of many different hearing aids such as the first rechargeable custom hearing aid, and now the first completely in the canal custom hearing aid that can connect to Bluetooth. This leap in technology means that individuals who prefer a more discreet hearing aid no longer have to sacrifice the ability to connect to their smartphone for streaming or phone calls.