ReSound Hearing Aid Models


The ReSound Nexia (released October 2023) was specifically designed for hearing better in noise. The benefits of adaptive microphone directionality are now available in a Micro RIE size. The micro style offers a natural wearing comfort while bringing the speech intelligibility in noise performance of Omnia. This latest model from ReSound includes the future of connectivity, Auracast, and all-day power. One charge provides up to 30 hours of wear time. Next-Era Hearing has arrived! Presently, the Nexia only comes in the Receiver-In-Ear form factor. If you prefer Completely-In-Canal or a custom hearing aid, we recommend the ReSound Omnia.

The ReSound Omnia (released October 2022) was a breakthrough for hearing in noise performance. Compared to their previous technology, the Omnia provided a 150% improvement for speech understanding in noise (4.36 dB SNR improvement). All-day power for the rechargeable models which equals up to 30 hours of use in one charge. The Omnia connects you naturally for iPhone, iPad or