Giving Your Child The Hearing Headstart They Need

Kids today, especially kids with hearing loss, need a hearing aid that is as unique as they are. The ReSound Up Smart™ offers that by providing the best available sound and speech quality, designed with a child’s needs in mind. As any audiologist will tell you, these qualities are key to a healthy speech and language development and require an early start. With this in mind, ReSound has created the Up Smart as a behind-the-ear hearing aid with an added ear mold for comfort and stability, while also being durable and tamper-proof (read as: child-proof).

The ReSound Up Smart features a kid-friendly design, including:ReSound Up Smart pediatric hearing aid

  • iSolate nanotech coating all throughout the hearing aid to protect from water, dust, and earwax
  • An ultra-strong battery door lock that doubles typical regulatory requirements
  • LED indicator lights for functionality as well as the battery life
  • A hook system that comes in any size for a comfortable fit

The audibility featured with these hearing aids is crucial to a child’s learning ability, allowing them to be able to fully receive, process, and understand speech when they may not be able to on their own. This, in turn, will set the foundation for more strenuous hearing challenges that they may face later on in their lives. As they grow in their educational and social environments, their ability to hear will become crucial to their development and ultimately dictate the direction of their young lives. Your child’s access to healthy hearing is pivotal to their growth, give them a leg up by testing out the ReSound Up Smart.

Ask our pediatric-trained audiologist about it today!

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